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  • Swap & Fall 2  v.1.03Swap and Fall 2 is a cute point-and-click puzzle based on an unhurried logical challenge. But there is even more in it than simply swapping objects and getting high scores for clearing the game board. Its appeal is based on the transparent flair of ...
  • Christmas Swap for Mac OS  v.1.0The latest great puzzle game from TacoLamp! Featuring challenging puzzles that will test your brain as well as your reflexes, Christmas Swap is a blast! It features great remixed Christmas carols and beautiful graphics.
  • Fruit Swap for Mac OS  v.1.0Fruit Swap is a fun and exciting new puzzle game! You must help clear the levels of all the falling fruit in ways that will test your brain and your reflexes! Fun for the whole family!
  • Swap Mouse Button  v.1.0 Build 100Will allow you to swap mouse buttons ...
  • Gems Swap  v.1.1.0Swap gems to destroy them, beat the clock and advance levels.
  • Swap  v.1.1.0Swap the two colours. Play this game which dates back to Victorian Times.
  • Hidden Swap Buttons  v.1.1Hidden Swap Buttons is a logic game. This game will come in handy not only at home, but also at the office where you will be able to play in your spare time, and, if necessary, hide it from the eyes of the others.
  • Excel Swap (Reverse) Rows & Columns Software  v.1.1Quickly swap selected rows or columns without having to copy and paste. Reverse the position of selected cells with one another. Also, reverse the cell content of each selected cells with this ...
  • Swap -Swap will switch the two files. For example SWAP AUTOEXEC.OLD AUTOEXEC.BAT will swap these two ...
  • Swap Track & Artist  v.1.0Swap Track & Artist is an AppleScript that swaps the track name and artist of all -- or just the selected (hilited) -- tracks of the selected playlist.Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or later, iTunes 3.0 or ...
  • Rock Swap  v.0.1.0Rock Swap is a PocketPC-based clone of the pseudo-online game "Bejeweled". It uses EasyCE for cross-platform ...
  • Swap Puzzle  v.1.0This application is a simple swap puzzle game. In this game an image is cut into a number of square pieces of the same size. Pieces are placed in a random order. Not a single piece in a right place. The objective of the game is to swap the messed ...
  • Swap!  v.1.0Swap! is an action-adventure game where the main game mechanic is Swapping, or changing bodies with enemies. Players must use Swapping as well as the numerous elements within the environment to progress forward.
  • PICMG 2.12 Hot Swap Infrastructure Inter  v.1.0This software is a PICMG 2.12 hot swap infrastructure interface specification implementation. The software includes support for the Ziatech zt5550 and Motorola 82XX CompactPCI boards.
  • SWAP Scheduling  v.1.0Tasks often depend on each other because of inter-process communication/synchronization. Task dependency have significant impact on performance. swap-sched solves the problem by dynamically detects dependency and use it for scheduling.
  • Smart NAND Swap System (SNSS)  v.1.0SNSS(Smart NAND Swap System) is a special Swap System for NAND flash as the storage device. SNSS focus on reducing write access, good wear-leveling and garbage collection and so on.
  • URL Swap  v.0.9.3Firefox URL Swap (Find and Replace).
  • Row Swap Puzzle  v.1.2.0In this game there is a picture cut into pieces, you need to rearrange the pieces to get back the original picture.
  • Swap & Fall  v.1.0Solve the autumn puzzle by swapping adjoining items to create horizontal or vertical combinations of 3 or more identical items. When you have successfully created a combination, it will disappear. New items will fall into the game field, and you get ...
  • Jig Swap Puzzle  v.1.0Breathe new life into these picturesque nature images by swapping and jigging randomized pieces.
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